Please note:

The building authorities approval No Z-23.11-1662 refers to the mentioned products only.

Just these products meet the increased demands on fire protection, which are necessary to obtain an buidling authorities approval. This is achieved through a modified version of the barrier film.

In the field of building and construction industry in Germany, all other Vacupor® versions are not approved by the building authorities.

These Vacupor® versions may be applied in areas where a Vacuum Insulation Panel is treated as an unregulated construction product, if an admission on a single case exists or will be obtained.

The thermal conductivity values declared for these Vacupor® versions just describe the value of the Vacuum Insulation Panel under the mentioned conditions, measured in the center of the panel.

The measured value does explicitly not correspond with the rated value, determined by the DIBt and may not be used in Germany for the implementation of thermal calculations for buildings.