Terrace and floor insulation with VACUPOR® VIPs / vacuum insulation panels

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Source: ZZWancor / CH

Source: ZZWancor / CH

In the sector of modern house construction and refurbishment of old buildings, insulation of heated terraces is getting more important. In order to reach the requirements of the energy saving regulation (EnEV), an enormous thickness of the insulation layer is necessary. This leads to the fact that complex structural measures become inevitable. Additionally the practical and aesthetic requirements are not completely convertible.

By applying VACUPOR® vacuum panels the necessary expenditures to reach the demanded insulation value can be substantially reduced. This means subsequent height adjusting of balustrades e.g. is not necessary. On refurbishment jobs the mostly inevitable barrier can be avoided. This results in barrier free connections of living areas and terraces. (Barrier-free terrace).


VACUPOR® terrace and loggia insulations can be designed in slim and elegant details. For easy construction processing we supply the high performance insulation in a special finish to use on terraces and floors. The VACUPOR® RP-B2-S insulation is coated with a rubber granulate mat and offers thus increased protection from mechanical damage.

The coating allows walking immediately on top of the layed insulation, without damage. In case of an unclean underground, VACUPOR® RP-B2-S panels can be supplied with this protective layer on both sides. With this protection damages during the installation phase are almost impossible.

The advantages at a glance

  • design of terraces without barriers
  • highly efficient thermal insulation with low structure height
  • avoidance of additional structural measures
  • large creative freedom for aesthetic requirements
  • no health and physiological risks
  • no creeping even during long periods


Source: ZZWancor / CH

Source: ZZWancor / CH



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