VACUPOR® vacuum insulation panels in roller shutter casings and lamellar-blind-boxes

Roller shutter casings and lamellar-blind-boxes with integrated VACUPOR® vacuum insulation panels

Roller shutter casing with VACUPOR® VIPs

In modern house building as well as in renovation of old buildings, thermal insulation becomes more and more important.
This includes also the insulation of system modules like roller shutter casings and lamellar-blind boxes.

Very often those components are weak points of the thermal insulation of the building shell. The EnEV (energy saving regulation in Germany) places increased requirements of the total energy performance of buildings. To the same degree the requirements for roller shutter casings and lamellar-blind-boxes increase.

Due to the application of Porextherm VACUPOR® VIPs (vacuum insulation panels) in roller shutter casings and lamellar-blind-boxes, thermal bridges can be avoided and the increased requirements of the EnEV can be kept. Due to the limited space in such components, there is no scope for a high-volume insulation.

VACUPOR® VIPs in lamellar-blind boxes

Porextherm VACUPOR® panels convince with an impressively slim design at the same time with an enormous thermal insulation grade with a rated value down to λ= 0,007 W/(m*K).

VACUPOR® has in comparison with conventional insulation materials significantly better insulation grades at the same thickness.

Range of applications:

VACUPOR® vacuum insulation panels are obstructed directly into roller shutter casings and lamellar-blind-boxes, so that this components could be used in buildings such as the ones with standard insulation.

By using such components, the product and handling instructions must be observed.

Adaptable to bended roller shutter casings

Advantages of VACUPOR®:

  • Less required space with simultaneous higher insulation rates
  • Higher total energy performance of the component without
    higher place requirement
  • No physical or psychological risk during handling




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