WI – inside wall insulation

Inside wall insulation with VACUPOR®

Due to energy conservation provisions, increased requirements are placed on the overall energy efficiency of buildings. In order to achieve improved heat insulation of buildings in accordance with energy conservation specifications, the building envelope in particular must be superbly insulated. As a rule, the most surface area is taken up by the wall insulation.

With conventional insulation materials, these specifications are met only through high insulation thicknesses which in many cases get in the way of planning, functional or aesthetic requirements. In the embrasure area of windows and doors, space is usually especially tight. A combination of VACUPOR® and various cover layers offers the solution here.

Additional insulation thickness can also cause increased shading. Sophisticated designs are therefore already ruled out in the planning stage. By using conventional insulation systems the usable surface is substantially reduced, which can be a disadvantage for builders in marketing their properties. Porextherm VACUPOR® vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) meet the requirements of the German energy conservation provision EnEV without difficulty and without drastically increasing the insulation thickness. On the contrary, VACUPOR® VIPs allow a slimness of construction previously unimagined and thus offer more free space for design.

Wall insulation with VACUPOR® is ideal for inside and outside areas, provided that the structural guidelines are observed.

Interior wall insulation with VACUPOR®

Since extension of the building inspection approval (Germany), VACUPOR® VIPs can also be profitably used as an innovative wall insulation system, both in new buildings as well as in renovating old buildings.


All advantages at a glance

  • Noticeably slimmer wall construction
  • Increased living/usable space gainedNo shading due to high wall thickness
  • Greatly increased energy efficiency with equal or reduced insulation thickness
  • Additional design leeway for aesthetic requirements
  • No health or physiological risks in processing


VACUPOR® XPS as interior wall insulationSuccessful applications speak for the efficiency of VACUPOR®

You can find more extensive information and building recommendations for various inside wall insulation applications in the following downloads.


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