Porextherm contributes to sustainability in buildings

Cover of the EPD for VACUPOR and VACUSPEEDInstitut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. gives Environmental Product Declaration at BAU 2015

Sustainability was one of the main topics at the Munich trade fair BAU 2015. The Institute Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) used the show as an opportunity to present new environmental product declarations (EPDs) to its members, including Porextherm.

With the creation of the EPD, Porextherm provides comprehensive information on the environmental impact of its products with respect to the entire life cycle. The data are based on the European Standard EN 15804. Before publication by the IBU, the EPDs are reviewed by independent third parties. During the presentation, the IBU director, Dr. Burkhart Lehmann, praised Porextherm’s commitment as an important contribution to sustainable construction. Porextherm has already been committed to sustainable
construction since 2011.

The awarding of the EPD to Dr. Ehwald

After LCA data and verification were carried out during a process lasting several months, the result - the new product with the new EPD – could be presented at BAU 2015. Dr. Volker Ehwald, Managing Director at Porextherm, accepted the newly created EPDs. "We are aware of our responsibility in regard to sustainability issues, such as environmental and resource protection and also with regard to health issues. Therefore, we create EPDs and have them verified, "Dr. Ehwald said.

With its own EPD for VACUPOR® and VACUSPEED® according to international standardization, Porextherm offers professionals from the construction industry, such as planners, architects and auditors, detailed ecological information with reliable figures and data on the environmental effects of its construction. Thus EPDs provide the basis for the calculation and assessment of the sustainability
performance of buildings. Each EPD indicates which units qualify for a single product or a
particular product group to the overall environmental impact of a building.

The official EPD document"After the award of nearly 50 new EPDs, for example in the areas of structural metals, roofing and waterproofing membranes, insulation, flooring systems, fasteners, concrete blocks and roofing and cladding, the spectrum of IBU EPDs expanded again to include innovative products. And we were able to welcome well-known manufacturers as new members, "said Burkhart Lehmann.

"Environmental Product Declarations are becoming stronger in the construction industry" says the IBU Managing Director. And he said: "EPDs are pure information tools, because they do not evaluate the construction, but make its environmental impacts transparent, independent and comprehensible." Thus, they were one of the essential conditions for the sustainability certification of buildings and will be recommended from the EU Construction Products Regulation (BauPVO). "EPDs bring competitive advantages to the
producers by facilitating access to the advertised construction projects for them and they
are recognized as the industry standard," Lehmann said.

The IBU as a program operator in Germany offers independent EPDs for building materials,
and is currently the only organization in Germany which declares consistently according to the
European standard EN 15804.

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