Reference objects with VACUPOR® vacuum insulation panels

High school in Baesweiler, Foto: RR-HandelsagenturThe slim insulation solution in practice

Lack of structure height, the highest demands on the energy standard, low base areas or higher aesthetic requirements - there are many reasons for the use of vacuum insulation. It is usually a combination thereof. Below we present a selection of objects that have been successfully insulated with Vacupor®.


Object 1: office building in passive plus energy house standard, AZV Erdinger Moos

New construction to fulfil the lowest energy consumption methods with a floating outer corridor that is particularly impressive. A highly heat-insulated outer shell is needed in order to achieve the passive house standard. Vacupor® panels with a thickness of 50 mm were fitted around the entrance area, laminated on both sides with polystyrene. The underside was then plastered. This meant that a heat transfer coefficient of 0.13 W/(m²xK) could be realised, even in this exposed location. The saving in building height is approx. 22 cm.


Outside view of the office building of AZV in Erdinger Moos, Foto: Meuvo ÖkotechnikObject 2: Renovation of a gym at a high school in Baesweiler

The structural height of the floor in six large changing rooms, two small changing rooms, three shower rooms, a machine room, a caretaker’s room, the so-called ‘boot corridor’ and a small WC only allowed the use of vacuum insulation in order to be able to provide a level transition to the so-called ‘gym shoe corridor’. One difficulty was that most of the rooms had floor drains and these needed to continue to be used for drainage. Measurement of these floor drains allowed exact planning and the creating of a laying plan.


Object 3: Extension to a detached house in Scharbeutz

The property is a detached house from the middle of the 1970s. An extension was built onto the front of the house with an extension area of approximately 16 m² in Laying of rubber protected vacuum insulation panels on a terraceorder to enlarge the study and the kitchen. Vacuum insulation was laid throughout the ground floor plus another 13 m² roof terrace above the new extension. Underfloor heating and then a 4-5 cm layer of screed were added on the ground floor onto the Vacupor® RP-B2-S vacuum insulation panels.