Vacupor® XPS-B2

VACUPOR® XPS-B2-S with its very thin protection layer, e.g. for roller shutters and ceilings.

VACUPOR® XPS-B2-S is the extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) sheet protected version of our building authorities approved "S-type" Vacuum Insulation Panels.

Rated value: 0,007 W/(m*K)

The German Institut for civil engineering (DIBt) granted the approval by the building authorities for VACUPOR® XPS-B2-S under the certification number Z-23.11-1662. The approval is valid for construction applications DAD, DAA, DZ, DI, DEO, WAB, WAA, WH, WTR and WI according to standard DIN 4108-10, table 1 and for prefabricated façade panels with insulated glass character.

VACUPOR® XPS-B2-S conforms to Baustoffklasse B2.
The test of behaviour in case of fire according DIN 4102-1, May 1998, Baustoffklasse B2; Testcertificate No. H.3-145/07 and H.3-146/07, was issued by the Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e.V. München.

VACUPOR® XPS-B2-S (core material) is not flammable and is classified A1 according to DIN ISO EN 13501-1.

Due to the double-sided coverage of the vacuum panel with extruded polystyrene foam sheets, VACUPOR® XPS-B2-S is especially suitable for the plane laying on ceilings and walls.

The fixing of the insulation is much easier, due to the possibility of bonding with commercially available polystyrene adhesives.

VACUPOR® XPS-B2-S is available with 3 mm thick XPS-coating on both sides or one-sided.




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